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Indulgence in Pantyhose

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Amazingly the power women wield when wearing sheer pantyhose today, strangely staggering. Some ladies do get it, and they embrace this power.

How would wearing pantyhose give any kind of power, of any kind?  It is apparent most women today do not realize this, but the clear majority of men from practically every civilized country in the world love and adore you when women wear pantyhose. Plus, most men will do anything the woman would want when they wear. Simple and real for those who truly understand.

Ladies that wear get tons more looks from gentlemen out in public and at the office.  And, more compliments and more doors will be held for you, more opportunities will open to you, and more favors will be done for you.  Mostly, more men will notice you, in a positive fashion.

You see, most gentlemen feel that ladies who wear pantyhose for all the right reasons and at all the proper venues are very special.  

And guess what?  You not only have power over men when you wear pantyhose, but also over other women who don’t. 

Don’t think so?  Look around.  Sexy pantyhose aren’t just coming back.  They’re already back.   If you pay attention, you can see that pantyhose are showing up everywhere again — on TV shows, TV commercials and print ads, in movies … and (hold your breath) … even on fashion runways.  There’s your biggest proof.

And now, they are being confronted with the reality that (as fashion always does) the bear legs trend may be swinging in the opposite direction, back toward pantyhose again.

For a while there, I was beginning to think that men were so long-beaten-down non-hosiery wearers that most started to believe this was now the norm.

Many women were seeing some other lady doing what they probably secretly want to do, but wouldn’t, for fear of seeming out of place according to what they viewed as “just the way things are these days.”

Here’s the reality:  Being out and about in pantyhose, showing off their legs — the most beautiful, delicately sensuous and decidedly feminine thing a woman could ever wear — has an effect on men, which can make the wearer feel like a million bucks because she is setting herself apart from the masses in the most classy and elegant of ways.

As a woman, I love my position and the attention I get from my hub especially when I dress up and put on my pantyhose and heels. He loves it! Looks forward to it and our love life benefits greatly from such a simple effort to wear this garment.

As so many men who express their dismay and sadness at their wives’ or girlfriends’ refusal to wear (and not just in general, but not even once in a great while for their men’s enjoyment.



There are women that are confused by the women that do say no or think it’s weird there are so many fetishes and I find this one to be so easy to accommodate. I also like the feeling of somebody rubbing my legs or feet while I have on a pair.  It feels nice and I really do like it.  Many men seem to have problems asking women or finding women that want to do this and I can’t understand why a woman wouldn’t? Again that is just how I feel because it’s just so easy.  I do also find the nylons to be a very intimate thing and that is more my style. I’m sure I could wear a pair for a guy who didn’t really like them because men basically do whatever you want and ask him to rub my legs but it simply would not be the same feeling to me as a man who truly enjoyed that.

This is the power I’m talking about.  Sadly, most women today don’t seem to realize they could wield that power if they would wear pantyhose for men that appreciate them.

Rather, they must find it easier to just complain and cite the same old lame excuses about how bad pantyhose must be.  The complaints are few but many women today do point them out! For some its the nude color and prefer a better quality nylon. Most like very soft/silky feels so very smooth.

It is important to mention and ask how important is it to you in your relationship?

Now, I’m no therapist, and it’s a good thing I’m not a marriage counselor either.  I wouldn’t be a good one because I’d tell these guys to send their wives or girlfriends packing when they refuse to do such a simple and innocent little favor for their husbands or boyfriends.

It’s not as if guys are asking their ladies to wear leather from head to toe, stilettos or corsets?  We’re talking about soft, sheer pantyhose here, people.  They weigh like 1.6 ounces and that includes the packaging.  They are like silk and the response you receive is so noticeable.

Well, that’s true about HANES pantyhose in example, anyway. Shiny soft with great color selections available Any woman who would say these are uncomfortable is simply fooling herself.  In such a case, the real issue must be that she has no sense of femininity, elegance, beauty or glamour.

Many women absolutely love the fetish and it has became a huge part of their life. Finding the entire concept of it so exciting and some women will now wear them every single day. Some also will notice that a pair of heels and low denier black tights will turn more than a few heads when walking by! I do think there’s something mystic about pantyhose!

Some don’t have the fetish, but feel been conditioned to link tights with sex now find the thought of having sex without them very mundane for many! Pantyhose has made many women feel so much more attractive, and teaming them with outfits became something creating sensual enthusiasm.

Now, wearing pantyhose made with a ton of spandex on one’s legs for an extended length of time certainly could be considered uncomfortable.  And since the vast majority of pantyhose today have some degree of spandex in them, it stands to reason that those are the kind most women are buying. They must not realize they have more than just that style from which to choose.

I submit the answer is yes and here is my argument in support of my position. Conservative women favor preservation of tradition, class, good looks, being well dressed and polished. They are typically to wear hosiery as a norm.



Its interesting like it or not, “bear legs” have become the traditional style of dress. As recent comments on this site point out, it is the women who wear pantyhose in today’s world who are looked upon as being the “non-traditional” ones, whose actions are viewed as being “radical”, “pushing the envelope”, “upsetting the status quo”, “being risqué”, and who are actively testing modern society’s comfort levels. A decade and a half ago, it was the “bears” who fell into this category.

It’s about the ever-growing number of men who are dismayed and disgusted at how so many American women have long lost their sense of beauty and femininity, and when I first saw it, the main example was the way women dress these days, particularly, the fact that they had stopped wearing pantyhose, no makeup and plain hair.

Sadly, most women today continue to miss or ignore two great principles: (1.) The clear majority of men throughout the world always profess that they love and desire women in pantyhose; (2.) Women appear to have no clue about the power they could wield if they wore sheer pantyhose. It's much more routine for ladies throughout Europe to wear sheer pantyhose with attractive outfits. It’s much more routine for ladies throughout Europe to wear sheer pantyhose with attractive outfits.Women throughout Asia in particular wear pantyhose.

They wouldn’t think of doing otherwise, as sheer pantyhose are that ingrained in their culture.  It’s almost funny to me to see that Asian men often don’t even offer a glance when a beautiful woman in pantyhose walks by. That might be because, to them, it’s no big deal.  They see it all the time, every single day.